We believe that clothing should be fair for all. That's why we are an official member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) and work together to create optimized working conditions.

The FWF is a non-profit, independent organization that works holistically in the textile and apparel industry. Together with many stakeholders - its member companies, non-profit non-governmental organizations (NGOs), employers' and workers' associations in Asia and Europe, and government representatives - it develops targeted solutions for production sites in the textile industry worldwide.

With our membership, we have committed ourselves to actively improving working conditions in our supply chain under strict guidelines. In doing so, we rely above all on stable and long-term relationships with our suppliers in order to work on improvement measures in a spirit of partnership. Through our membership in the FWF, our commitment is externally verified.

Annually, the FWF conducts a "Brand Performance Check" to monitor the business practices of its members and the working conditions on site in the factories. The results of this check are transparently posted online by the Fair Wear Foundation and PYUA on their own websites.

So every time you buy our clothes, you can help make sure that the clothes are fair for everyone.

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