• 10% of the global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the textile industry.

  • Every second, the equivalent of a rubbish truck load of clothes is burnt or buried in landfill.

  • 80% of our clothing is rarely used. Buying cloths for the yearly ski or outdoor holidays is mostly not just expensive, but also not sustainable.

By sharing and renting, you can not just use and test cutting-edge sustainable clothing for your adventure, you can use natural resources in a more efficient way and reduce our impact on the planet.

  • Choose your favorite outfit or piece. We have already made a pre-selection for you and your adventure.

  • Choose the duration of your rental: Whether it's a short trip or seasonal rental, choose the rental period that suits you.

  • Nach Ablauf der Miete schickst du die Bekleidung trocken und kostenlos an uns zurück. Alle Infos findest du hier.


1. You protect what we love – the nature.

2. Rent your sustainable skiwear for your next winter adventure and save resources but also money.

3. The clothes come to you in perfect condition and sustainably cleaned - you do not need to wash and impregnate them.

4. You can test brand new sustainable outerwear before you buy it.


Anyone who is out in the mountains needs special outdoor clothing and equipment, whether for a day hike, a high alpine mountain tour, on a mountain bike or ski touring. We pre-selected the clothing you need for your type of adventure.


    The outfit consisting of EVERSHELL JKT, EVERSHELL PNT and EVERLIGHT JKT, is perfect for the next ski touring adventure or freeride trip. The 3-layer outer material keeps you protected from wind and snow. The insulation jacket keeps you warm.

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    The collection consisting of EVERWARM JKT and EVERWARM PNT, is perfect for's ski resort, for snowshoeing or for your mulled wine adventure. The recycled outer material and lining keeps you warm even without much movement.

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Q&A | Still have questions?

Rental & Products

How long can I rent?

The minimum rental period is 4 days. You can rent maximum 90 days.

When does the rental start? Do I have to include the shipping days in the rental?

For the shipment of the clothing we usually need 3-5 business days. On the day of the rental start you will receive the product sent at the latest. Plan the entire business day as shipping time. If you would like to start your adventure on the morning of the first rental day, we recommend that you select the day before your trip as the rental start date. This way we can ensure that the product will be with you on time.

When should I rent the product before my trip at the latest?

We usually ship 1-2 business days after we receive the order. So with the delivery time, the product will be with you in 5-7 business days. To ensure that the product reaches you in time, the lead time before each rental is at least 7 business days.

Can I also rent from your dealers?

For the moment, we only offer our rentals through our Rental Webshop. Sign up for the newsletter now, so we can keep you up to date with the Rental Revolution.

Can I extend the rental period during the rental?

If you would like to extend your rental period after booking, simply contact our Customer Service on the hotline: +49 (0) 89 / 898 789-10 or simply by e-mail to welcome@pyua.de. You will then receive confirmation of the renewal on the phone or by email. You will then be billed for the outstanding amount.

How do I make sure that the clothing fits me well?

Our clothing is based on the European standard measurements for sizes from XS to XXL. In the product descriptions you will also find the body size of our model in each case, as well as a size chart on each product page.

Shipping & Returns

In which countries do you offer the rental?

The rental model currently works for address in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Delivery to these countries is free of charge.

How do I return the clothing?

With the delivery you will receive either a shipping bag or a reusable packaging from our partner RePack. Please keep this packaging and use it for the return. You will receive a printable return label by email, which you can use to return your goods free of charge. Please keep the packaging in which the clothing was sent to you. This you simply use for the return shipment.

Can I have them sent to a hotel?

Just contact us with the contact details of your hotel. We will arrange everything else with the hotel and you can easily order the clothing to your hotel. Simply enter the address of the hotel as a different delivery address. Your clothing will then be waiting for you in your room. The hotel will also take care of the return shipment of the clothing.

Help I have broken the clothing.

It happens to everyone once. Send us back the clothing best with a comment on a sheet of paper, our team will then take care of the repair of the clothing.

The clothing does not fit me, what can I do?

Within the first two days after receiving the delivery, you can simply send the clothing back to us with the return label that you received by e-mail. If you send us the clothing back in time, valid for this is the receipt stamp of the post office, you will receive your paid amount back of course. However, if the day of the return is outside the two days, you will be charged the amount.

Can I keep the clothing?

In principle, you can not buy the clothing from the PYUA Rental program. Sign up for the newsletter to learn more about our regular second-hand promotions. After the rental you will receive a voucher for a new product from PYUA.

Do I have to pay the cost of return shipping?

With the printable return label sent to you by email, the return shipping is free of charge for you after the rental.

Regular shipping of rented clothing is not really sustainable, is it?

When shipping the clothing, we work closely with our partner DHL GoGreen. The clothing is delivered to your home emission-free. We also take care of an environmentally friendly solution for the packaging. With our partner RePack we manage to reduce the emissions caused by the packaging production by up to 80% compared to standard solutions.

Cleaning & Repairs

Do I have to wash the clothes?

You only need to return the clothing to us dry and superficially clean. You do not have to worry about proper washing or impregnation. The products always come perfectly and sustainably cleaned, if necessary, also impregnated to your home. We take care of everything else after the rental.

How do you ensure hygiene, cleanliness & performance?

Each garment is washed after the rental. For this we take the sustainable tech detergents from NikWax. The clothing is also not only checked for damage, it is also regularly impregnated. So we ensure not only the hygiene and the perfect condition of the clothing, but also the performance in any weather.

Your question was not answered?

Then contact our Rental Experts directly at:

Hotline: +49 (0) 89 / 898 789-10
Email:  welcome@pyua.de