Mit unserem Take-back System die Erde schützen.

We take care of the proper recycling of your favorite parts. Forgotten and sorted out functional clothing becomes a new outdoor
product again at PYUA. For us, however, it is at least as important that textiles are used as long as possible.

Are you sure that you can no longer use your product?
If so, we support you in this and make it as easy as possible for you.

Participate now:

  1. Fülle das Formular auf dieser Seite aus.
  2. Schick' uns deine gebrauchten Ski-Jacken und Hosen (ganz egal welcher Marke) zu.
  3. Wir sammeln und sortieren die Produkte. Je nach Zustand sortieren wir sie für den Recyclingkreislauf oder bereiten sie für eine Spende wieder auf.
  4. Gemeinsam mit unseren Partnern, wie der wear2wear, schenken wir deiner Outdoorbekleidung so ein neues Leben.
  5. Zur Belohnung für deine Hilfe, den textilen Kreislauf zu schließen, erhältst du als Dankeschön einen 20% Gutschein auf ein neues PYUA Produkt.
+++ Achtung: Die Aktion ist gerade Offline. Melde dich direk zum Newsletter an und erfahre, wann PYUA Take-Back wieder zurück ist +++

What happens to your returned product?

  • We recondition products that are in good condition or can be repaired.

  • Products that are made of a single type (e.g. 100% polyester, 100% wool, etc.) become new textiles again.

  • Products that are not manufactured according to a single type can be down-cycled (e.g. as insulation material).

  • Some materials must be properly disposed.

Questions & Answers. Our FAQs.

Can I send in products from other brands and still receive a PYUA voucher?

Yes, you can also return products of other brands to us. If these are manufactured sorted, they can be recycled in the same way. If they are not sorted, we will take care of the proper recycling or disposal. You will receive your PYUA voucher in any case.

Do other brands and manufacturers also participate in your concept?

Currently we are building our take-back system only on Since we firmly believe that this is an important milestone for the outdoor industry, we hope to gradually convince other brands of our concept. Sustainability is also always a team sport and so with our concept we also hope to encourage our peers to take the same step and work towards a more environmentally friendly clothing industry.

Can I also return the products to the store?

Currently, the PYUA return system only works through our own channel. Why not sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media now, so we can keep you up to date on our collaboration with our retailers.

How exactly do you sort the products that are returned to you?

All products sent to us are first collected in a large container. Once the container is full, our recycling experts first check the clothing for functionality. If they are in perfect condition or still usable through repairs, we give them a second life and give them either to social institutions or to the second-hand trade. If the products are too damaged, we sort them out and return them to the cycle, if possible. The material is particularly relevant here. If the products are single-grade products, such as all PYUA outershells, and therefore not mixtures of cotton and polyester, for example, the textiles can be returned to the textile cycle. For this we cooperate with Wear2Wear, as well as TexAid. For mixed products, we take care of the proper disposal or even the innovative recycling of the textiles into insulation materials.

Is the voucher bound to certain conditions like minimum order value?

The voucher is valid without ifs and buts for every order on

Is the voucher valid for all PYUA products?

Yes, you can apply it to all PYUA products available on

How much will it cost me to return the ski clothing?

The return is free of charge for you. We will create a shipping label and send it to you by mail.

Can I also return broken ski clothing?

Yes, because we can give these as described into our recycling cycle or we take care of the proper disposal.

Which products/product group can I return?

You can send us your old ski jackets and pants back at this time. It doesn't matter from which brand your old favorites are.