PYUA [ˈpjʊr] - which means "pure".

As the first manufacturer of 100% recycled high performance outerwear, we develop our products from the idea of circularity. From design, to production, to use, to recycling, this idea is firmly embedded in our corporate vision. Because as a sustainability pioneer, we have set ourselves the goal of completely closing the textile cycle in 2025, without compromising on design and performance.

Let's close the loop!

Foundation of PYUA

With the goal of becoming the first supplier of highly functional, recycled ski outerwear, PYUA put a big exclamation point on the entire industry when it was founded in 2008.

ISPO Brand New Award

PYUA is working with textile recycler WENKHAUS for the first time to develop products that are not only made from recycled fabrics, but can be recycled back into a loop after use.

ISPO Eco Responsibility Award

Convinced the jury of experts, especially by the coherent overall concept and the consistent further development and optimization of sustainable value creation processes.

Launch of the climaloop

In 2012, PYUA introduces CLIMALOOP, a laminate that is manufactured according to its own ideas and specifications. Starting this year, PYUA is a participant in the TyssenKrupp Ideas Park and, among other things, shows school classes the advantages of a closed recycling system.

Greentech Award

High-quality outdoor clothing made from polyester materials that have already been recycled or can be recycled, and in addition via a special take-back system, is unique in the world, judged the jury.

Home of Adventure

PYUA becomes together with ABS Protection, the Freeride Filmfestival and the Freeride Experience part of the Spin Capital group in Munich.

New system partner

Since 2020, PYUA uses, in addition to the materials of Primaloft and Pertex, exclusively the new Sympatex membrane. This is made from recycled materials and can be completely recycled back into the textile cycle.


Win of the first WOMEN'S GEAR AWARD by #she is outdoors. The jury emphasizes in its evaluation, in addition to the feminine cut and functional design, especially the pioneering role that PYUA takes with this jacket in terms of circular economy in the entire textile industry.

  • Circularity

    To enable all outdoor adventurers sustainable experiences in nature, we develop our collection step by step to the all-season collection. All in the spirit of the durability and timelessness of our products. We are working hand in hand with our partners Sympatex and wear2wear to make the Circular Economy the State-Of-The-Art of the outdoor and textile industry.

  • Purity

    Timeless design and durability in combination with innovative, sustainable and high-quality materials are the foundations of our value chain and our products. In the selection of our fabrics and materials, we work with renowned Ingridient Brands, such as Sympatex, Pertex and Primaloft.

  • Versatility

    Not least due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the boundaries between work and leisure continue to blur. There is an increasing acceptance of athletic wear in previously more formal contexts. We can serve the athleisure megatrend through our styles, cuts & functionality, because our products guarantee maximum function.

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  • Since 1986, Sympatex has been one of the world's leading suppliers of recycled and recyclable high-tech functional materials for clothing and technical applications. Sympatex develops, produces and sells membranes, laminates, functional textiles and finished products worldwide.

  • wear2wear™ is an innovative partnership of companies committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices. Each partner makes its individual contribution in the textile cycle.

  • Pertex® was first registered in 1979, after the concept was discovered by Hamish Hamilton, and has evolved from its beginnings as a simple theory and vision into an iconic fabric technology brand.

  • Primaloft is an expert in materials research and the world's leading supplier of high-performance insulation materials and functional textiles. Since 1983, Primaloft has been setting standards in the textile industry.

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