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Fabric & Membran


We are not just designing a cool jacket …


Fair and ecological manufacturing




Take care of yourself and your chlothes


Give your jacket a new life


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Fibre & yarn

Fibre & yarn production

Fabric & membran

Fabric & membran production

… we are creating a holistic sustainable system. From the selection of the fabric up to the design of the collection.

We have reliable partners who take over responsibility for their employees. Our production philosophy is about short transportation ways and the usage of synergy effects.

We offer a reusable shipping bag for the order within our online shops.

We help you taking care of your PYUA product. We also offer care instructions and repair services.

We are working on a way to return your old item for proper recycling and give you a discount on a new PYUA product as a bonus. We will keep you informed!

In textile recycling, old clothes are shredded into small fiber structures, which are then turned into a granulate through melting processes.

From the recycled granulate, new fibres are obtained, which are then spun together into yarn.

A new fabric is woven from the newly obtained yarn and laminated onto the membrane, which is also a recycled one.

We create outdoor gear for a climate neutral future.

Let's close the loop!

The PYUA sustainability system is based on our design principles, from the selection of fabrics to the design of each product - always focused on creating the most sustainable products for you and the planet. With PYUA you make a choice - for every season and every kind of sport. Discover the feeling of wearing sustainability from the summit to the beer garden - without compromise.

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